With the way that technology keeps advancing, it is no surprise that there may already be something that can compete with ecommerce when it comes to who rules the market. B2b ecommerce software stands for “businesses buying from other businesses” and these portals have already gotten an instant push because even small and medium sized businesses have started choosing online channels that allow them digital procurement since the whole process has gotten simpler. With benefits like reaching out to a bigger number of b2b buyers and having the ability to increase the number of sales channels, it is no surprise that a lot of people are curious about how they can create their own b2b portal, and if you are one of them then this article is the right one for you.


This one is a very convenient b2b ecommerce software solution because if offer you a wider variety of mediums to use, meaning that it is available in both mobile and web versions which allows you to perform management tasks on the go. You can plan and execute product promotions very quickly since the software has some built-in features that will let you create product promotion codes and allow you to publish them which will allow you to attract a larger audience. Some other key features that you will get are things like multiple payment gateway support, drop shipping support, configurable pricing based on customers or different types of tier groups and so on.


This b2b ecommerce software solution is a full-fledged one that has been built to meet all sorts of sophisticated needs that enterprises, distributors and manufacturers might have. The software can also support any level of scalability and can be collaboratively integrated with CRM, ERP and Product information management systems, all of which are meant to ensure that no single data needs miss out of your network. You also get some great features like having product information at its best, built in analytics system that will provide you with smarter insights and more. Another thing that is important to be mentioned is that this software is best suited for manufacturers and distributers.


This b2b ecommerce solution is built to best suit businesses that are growing or ones that are scaling in a rapid pace. With this software you are able to provide your customers with some great product comparing and portfolio viewing options which is always a great bonus, since customers love to see the products before they purchase them. Some of the key features that this software offers are things like user review and rating to help you create a trust for your products, SEO focused features to help with online visibility, real-time inventory data for all of your products and much, much more.

As you can see, all of these b2b ecommerce software solutions have very different features and are suited for different types of needs, but choosing any one of them will help you get the results that you are looking for. And remember, even though the b2b ecommerce is just starting to grow, these are only a few of the many platforms available out there.


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